Suex 7Seven

Suex 7Seven

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The SUEX 7SEVEN Scooter are recreational scooters but with some technical features such as dual speed control and a maximum depth of 80m, features that make the SUEX 7SEVEN Scooter along with its unbeatable price a very interesting scooter for those wishing to introduce to the scooter diving.


Main specifications/Features:

Length 790 mm
Weight with battery 19 kg
Static thrust 185 N
Max speed 60 m/min
Run time at cruise speed 60-75 min
Maximum operating depth 80 m (test 100m)
Battery type Pb (Lead Acid)
Battery nominal voltage 24 v
Battery nominal capacity 360 Wh
Motor type Brushed
Sealed compartments Yes
Main switch Yes

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