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Suex Goldfinder XJ Colored

Suex Goldfinder XJ Colored

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The Suex Goldfinder XJ Scooter is a technical scooter with an excellent performance and price ratio. It has a max speed of 85m/min and 185 minutes runtime at cruise speed. Depth rated to 200m.



Main specifications and Features:

Length 814 mm
Body diameter max. 197 mm
Weight without battery 14 kg
Weight with battery 20 kg
Static thrust 330 N
Max speed 85 m/min
Distance range at max speed 5.9 km
Run time at max speed 85 min
Distance range at cruise speed 8.1 Km
Run time at cruise speed 185 min
Maximum operating depth 200 m (test 300 m)
Battery type Li-ion
Battery nominal voltage 25.2 v
Battery nominal capacity 940 Wh
Motor type Brushed
Sealed compartments Yes
Main switch Yes
By-pass to the electronics Yes
Battery gauge Yes

The Suex Goldfinder XJ Scooter is equipped with a Li-ION battery, and therefore, a high capacity is granted. The battery can be monitored through the Calypso app and the optional Eron D-1 dashboard and the diver can have full control of the dive.

Thanks to this kind of battery a 310 minutes runtime at cruising speed and 100 minutes diving at full speed (90 m/min) can be done.

The aluminium body and the carbon fibre PropLock propeller allow Suex Goldfinder XJ DPV to reach up to 200 metres in depth while keeping full control of the dive.

Furthermore, while pairing the Suex DPV with the Suex Eron D-1 Dashboard, the diver can access a wide range of functions, including the recording of the dive, of the depth and of the heading data.

Suex XJ in full mode

Combining the Suex Goldfinder XJ Scooter and Eron D-1 Dashboard gives you access to the dashboard’s FULL mode, featuring a wide range of functions, including recording dive, depth and heading data (Heading).

Suex DRIVe System

The DRIVe is a state-of-the-art integrated system for planning DPV underwater navigation and data collection during and after a dive. Thanks to this innovative system, all the devices in the Drive system provide the user with a series of strategic information for the management, navigation and safety of their dives.

Suex Scooter Speed Adjuster
Suex Goldfinder Scooter by-pass system
Suex Goldfinder Xj Scooter
Suex Goldfinder Scooter locking system
Suex Scooter Handle
Suex Scooter charge indicator
Suex Scooter prop-lock
Scuex Goldfinder XJ DPV colours

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