Oxygen sensor R-33DE

Oxygen sensor R-33DE

91.73 €

91.73 € tax excl.

R-33DE Oxygen Sensor for Vandagraph Analyzers model Analox O2EII with JST connection

New product

Divesoft Company is engaged in research and development of specific equipment for divers.

Divesoft Company is successful in those market areas where others don’t dare for demands on high-tech development and production. The Divesoft exempting the use of quality materials and manufacturing processes without compromises.

Now all products are manufactured in a new factory in Roudnice nad Labem. Divesoft Company takes pride in the fact that production of all components and final assembly takes place in Europe. This ensures a high quality, reliability and longevity of all our products.

The first great success of our company was new patented technology measuring the concentration of helium at the speed of sound. Our first product became O2/He analyzer, which is constantly improved. The simplicity, precision processing, operation without calibration He sensor, a large number of sophisticated features and many accessories became very popular analyzer Divesoft worldwide.

Divesoft Company is currently working on developing new products designed especially for top technical and cave divers who will penetrate further and deeper.

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