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Mares Sirius
Mares Sirius

Mares Sirius

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The new Mares Sirius computer is presented with superb features, suitable for any type of diving, Nitrox, Trimix or simple with Air, using up to 5 diferent gases.

The new full color screen of the MIP type guarantees us a perfect vision in any light or inclination condition.

The possibility of connecting a wireless transmitter allows us to have more precise control over consumption, remaining time, etc...


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The Mares Sirius is equipped with the ZH-L16C algorithm with adjustable gradient factors, the computer therefore allows the decompression algorithm to be adjusted according to your individual needs.

Configurable for Nitrox Multigas and Trimix dives with decompression up to 99% oxygen. The Mares Sirius has the option to configure up to 5 mixes.

New compass with tilt compensation, allows the diver to navigate with absolute safety even if the instrument is not perfectly horizontal. Additionally, in compass mode it is possible to set the Mares Sirius with a heading point and a resettable timer.

The new Mares Sirius decompression system has a predictive decompression mode based on the set combination and also provides for decompression calculation with an exponential system.

Mares Sirius is compatible with the new LED Transmitter 2.0 (purchased separately)

It is equipped with a standard strap with a metal buckle and an extra long strap with a quick release system that is compatible with other systems on the market. The Mares Sirius package also includes the wireless charging base, so there is no need to open it to recharge. The user will simply place the Mares Sirius computer on the charging dock and the instrument will charge in a few hours.

Features of the Mares Sirius:

  • standard short leash
  • Long dry suit leash
  • wireless charging pad
  • charging cable
  • Box-Hard case padded for protection
  • ZHL16C algorithm with gradient factor
  • full trimix
  • Nitrox
  • Oxygen
  • 5 mixes
  • MIP color display
  • Depth mode with average depth and resettable timer
  • dive planner
  • Log with 100 dives with graph
  • Autonomy of 30 hours at full load
  • Bluetooth connection for connection with Smartphone App
  • Double display screen during the dive
  • Compatible with wireless transmitter 2.0
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